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AUSTRALIA seems to be at a fork in the road. Is poverty or pros­per­ity in store?

The fork to be taken is pos­si­bly in the hands of in­de­pen­dent MPs, in both Can­berra and the states.

Lots more in­de­pen­dents are needed, along with mem­bers of small par­ties such as The Greens.

Th­ese have al­ready proved that they can oblige the rul­ing mob of the day to be re­al­is­tic and hon­est. RonWil­lis, MtLaw­ley. you re­ally so in­her­ently stupid? Do you se­ri­ously think you have won, just be­cause you don’t have to lis­ten to us fuddy-dud­dies at work?

Can you not see that you have just shot your­selves in the foot? Many older work­ers have had enough of your knock­backs.

We know we are bet­ter skilled, qual­i­fied and suited than your cho­sen ones, but we have given up.

As Cen­tre­link puts it, we are “tran­si­tion­ing to re­tire­ment” i.e. we stop look­ing for paid work and be­come wel­fare de­pen­dent.

No money for hol­i­days, golf fees or go­ing out to movies – and no money for home main­te­nance and so forth (i.e. the econ­omy suf­fers and we be­come so­cially iso­lated).

How­ever, you don’t care be­cause you are young and we are old. But con­sider this: hard as it may seem to be­lieve, older peo­ple were once young. We had fam­i­lies, bought houses and had mort­gages – and, like you, only con­trib­uted the min­i­mum com­pul­sory su­per.

Fast for­ward to our 50s, and we might have the chil­dren off our hands (if we are lucky), but most still have a mort­gage and pre­cious lit­tle in su­per (es­pe­cially women).

Then, at that cru­cial time when we should be sav­ing for our nest egg, we are kicked out of paid work be­cause you don’t like wrin­kles and grey hair.

More­over, know­ing you lot are un­likely ever to give us paid work again, we make an early with­drawal on our su­per to pay off our mort-

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