‘Ju­di­ciary’ adds in­sult to crime in­jury

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AGAIN, the po­lice re­mind us not to leave our doors and win­dows open or un­locked, even when we are at home.

In ad­di­tion, they point out that 14 out of 23 bur­glar­ies in the Cen­tral Metropoli­tan Po­lice District are the re­sult of so-called “com­pla­cency”.

Ex­cuse me, but how on earth are so many bur­glars at lib­erty to be thiev­ing in the first place? Who is not do­ing their job? To add in­sult to in­jury, it is clear to any­one that our so-called “ju­di­ciary” has one and only one pol­icy and that is to en­sure that these hard­ened, re­cidi­vist crim­i­nals are spat back onto the street as rapidly as pos­si­ble so that they may con­tinue their crime-waves with vir­tual im­punity.

A more hon­est ap­proach would be to rec­om­mend that we all turn our homes into fortresses, that we venture out at our own risk and that the po­lice and ju­di­ciary, frankly, couldn’t give a damn. Graham Luke Mitchell, West Leed­erville.

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