Western Suburbs Weekly - - Western Opinion - Kirsten Pic­cinini, City Beach.

of cor­ner blocks where so many streets are curvi­lin­ear.

Places of his­tor­i­cal sig­nif­i­cance need to be pro­tected; not houses alone but the com­mu­nity the houses are in. If City Beach and Floreat are among a small few re­main­ing sub­urbs that are the best ex­am­ples of an im­por­tant in­ter­na­tional gar­den sub­urb de­sign move­ment, should they not be pro­tected?

This should be the start­ing point for any dis­cus­sion by the coun­cil.

I note that a few years ago in­fill was also con­sid­ered in Cool­binia. This push for al­low­ing sub­di­vi­sion was de­feated by the lo­cal com­mu­nity and the State Gov­ern­ment MP. It is a prece­dent that should be con­sid­ered in the case of in­fill in City Beach and Floreat.

I agree with other points in the de­bate at how Di­rec­tions 2031 and the coun­cil’s plan for in­fill via manor houses are at odds, with Di­rec­tions 2031 spe­cific in stat­ing in­fill should be tar­geted to ar­eas with ac­tiv­ity cen­tres and com­mer­cial precincts. City Beach and Floreat are res­i­den­tial spa­ces, with sig­nif­i­cant his­tor­i­cal value.

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