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PIXAR have a knack for dig­ging a lit­tle deeper than other an­i­mated films when it comes to char­ac­ter and emo­tion, but in In­side Out they lit­er­ally get into the psy­che of their lead char­ac­ter.

Eleven-year-old Ri­ley’s ba­sic emo­tions Joy (Amy Poehler), Sad­ness (Phyl­lis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Dis­gust (Mindy Kal­ing) have co­ex­isted har­mo­niously in the head­quar­ters of her mind while she has grown up, ad­vis­ing her emo­tional re­ac­tions, col­lect­ing her mem­o­ries and pro­tect­ing the el­e­ments that make up her per­son­al­ity.

When Ri­ley’s par­ents up­root her from her school, friends and hockey team to move to San Fran­cisco, where her dad has a new job, Ri­ley doesn’t cope so well and Sad­ness be­gins to in­fil­trate her re­ac­tions to the move.

A mishap has Joy and Sad­ness be­come lost in Ri­ley’s mind with a hand­ful of her most trea­sured mem­o­ries.

While they nav­i­gate their way back to head­quar­ters, through an end­less maze of long-term mem­o­ries, her imag­i­na­tion, ab­stract thought and the mem­ory dump abyss where things are forgotten for­ever, Ri­ley’s be­hav­iour changes for the worse; she is no longer the happy, goofy, hockey-lov­ing girl she once was.

Pixar shows a new level of ma­tu­rity in its sto­ry­telling with its most com­plex and imag­i­na­tive (her dreams are pro­duced in the Dream Pro­duc­tion stu­dios and her train of thought is lit­er­ally a train that zips around her mind) script, cred­ited to Pete Doc­ter, Meg LeFauve and Josh Coo­ley.

Their script tack­les some heavy ter­ri­tory as Ri­ley be­gins to dis­play signs of de­pres­sion, but there is still fun to be had.

Just when we thought Pixar could not out-do it­self any longer with its list of clas­sics, it raises the bar again in fam­ily en­ter­tain­ment that will res­onate with all ages.

Sad­ness, Fear, Anger, Dis­gust and Joy.

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