Pol­lu­tion the same how­ever it is caused

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THE Prime Min­is­ter says wind tur­bines are an eye­sore, noisy, a blight on the land­scape and prob­a­bly bad for your health.

Each to their own Tony: per­son­ally, all of the above to me ap­plies more to con­ven­tional fos­sil fuel power sta­tions that belch out vis­i­ble pol­lu­tion into the at­mos­phere day and night, in ad­di­tion to light pol­lu­tion into the night sky and all the un­seen pol­lu­tion such as of the ad­ja­cent wa­ter­ways and chem­i­cal leak­age.

And don’t get me started on nu­clear power sta­tions: there is a whole lot more to add to these mon­strosi­ties.

So, I won­der what faults all the other types of re­new­able energy pro­cesses have apart from be­ing la­belled in­ad­e­quate.

Is this the PM talk­ing or is it the fos­sil fuel in­dus­try?

Oh, that’s right: re­new­ables mostly mean free energy.

That’s the prob­lem. Brad Capes, Cool­bellup.

This trade is cruel and we all know it, but some don't want to face it. We see the hor­rific suf­fer­ing on tele­vi­sion, but even this is not enough to end this dis­grace­ful, cruel trade.

We do not have the right to say we have the "best" wel­fare reg­u­la­tions in the world while we sit by and watch this shock­ing cru­elty un­fold be­fore us year af­ter year.

These are an­i­mals that suf­fer over­crowd­ing, lack of food, heat stress, pain and dis­ease as well as death while they are be­ing trans­ported over­seas.

If this were hap­pen­ing in Aus­tralia the peo­ple per­pe­trat­ing it would be charged – an­i­mal cru­elty

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