Pro­posal puts the wind up power com­pa­nies

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MUCH is be­ing made of new re­search that wind power gen­er­a­tion is prob­lem­at­i­cal.

Even our es­teemed Prime Min­is­ter states that it of­fends his del­i­cate op­tics by the mere sight of them churn­ing away their in­ef­fi­cient power and may be dam­ag­ing peo­ple's health with sub­sonic trans­mis­sion.... wow in­deed, the sky is fall­ing.

In whose best in­ter­ests would it be if these things were re­moved from the land­scape – do you think the com­pa­nies who dig the fuel source out of the ground to dis­credit all such free-sourced gen­er­a­tion by in­ten­sive re­search ad­ver­tis­ing?

It's the share­hold­ers you know, gotta keep them happy.

A power sta­tion may re­quire fuel such as coal or gas (from un­der the ground) to heat some wa­ter to boil­ing point, then to steam to squirt against some tur­bine blades, to turn a gear­box that turns an al­ter­na­tor that can sup­ply power.

Like­wise, oil can be pumped from the ground to be cracked into diesel fuel to drive en­gines to turn an al­ter­na­tor.

Whereas a wind tur­bine gets free power by turn­ing some blades that turns a gear­box the turns an al­ter­na­tor – and not one of the above is a pretty sight upon the land­scape.

And heaven for­bid – then there are so­lar pan­els just sit­ting there soak­ing up the sun­shine (dur­ing the day­time any­way) – and gen­er­ate power... no mov­ing parts, still ugly.

I am sure there is an open­ing for more sci­en­tific ed­u­ca­tion cour­ses for those who care ... Tony?

Phillip Avery, Waikiki.

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