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Su­bi­aco coun­cil­lors fed up with Wil­son Park­ing “hi­jack­ing the town’s park­ing” with ex­pen­sive tick­ets and fines at the Sed­don Street carpark are plan­ning to end their 2003 con­tract with the pri­vate park­ing com­pany. Spot on - Wil­son are dread­ful – get rid of them. And when you get a fine they make it dif­fi­cult to pay, so then they fine you more and put you on a black list for clamp­ing. - Chris Quirk

Talk about the pot call­ing the ket­tle black. I re­mem­ber the of­fi­cious park­ing in­spec­tors that Su­bi­aco coun­cil used to em­ploy be­fore Wil­sons won the con­tract. They were the rea­son why I stopped shop­ping at Su­bi­aco years ago. - Dave Tier­ney

When I head to Subi I go and specif­i­cally park in free 1 or 2 hour spa­ces pro­vided by coun­cil. Even if I have to walk an ex­tra 5 min­utes or kilo­me­tre! Wil­son are the worst and never rec­om­mend them or park with them in any coun­cil. - Matt J

Does Wil­son have a con­tract signed by the coun­cil? If Wil­son are abid­ing by the con­tract then the coun­cil should be tak­ing a good hard look at them­selves. If Wil­son are not abid­ing by the con­tract then the con­tract should be ter­mi­nated. The de­vel­op­ment of that site should have been com­pleted years ago. It’s the coun­cils fault for tak­ing too long to ap­prove the ini­tial plans in 2007-08 which sees the eye­sore the Pav­il­ion Mar­kets has be­come.


Wil­son, and I as­sume the coun­cil, be­lieve mo­torists are fair game for rev­enue. We shopped in Su­bi­aco 12 months ago and copped a $65 fine for be­ing 10 min­utes late. Vowed never to shop in Su­bi­aco again, and where pos­si­ble never park in a Wil­son car park again. Wil­son now con­trol many of the hos­pi­tal car parks where you are charged per hour, not in 15-minute in­cre­ments, again an ab­so­lute ripoff when vis­it­ing some­one in hos­pi­tal or see­ing a spe­cial­ist. - Chris G

I saw a man at the car park be­hind the Dome. He had gone to buy another ticket be­cause his cur­rent one was overtime, so he had been in­cred­i­bly de­cent and hon­est about it - went to put the new ticket in his car. He had for­got­ten to bring his keys with him from the cafe. As he walked to­wards Dome to get the keys from his wife, the Wil­son em­ployee fined him for be­ing over time. The man tried to dis­pute it with the Wil­son em­ployee, show­ing him the new ticket, but the Wil­son em­ployee said the fine would stand be­cause the new ticket was not dis­played ap­pro­pri­ately.

- Si­mone

I parked there for three min­utes at 9pm at night... $65 fine. The guy was wait­ing for me to leave the car! Un­ac­cept­able. I haven’t been to Su­bi­aco in months over this.

- Adrian Glendin­ning

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