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Gar­de­nias have a com­bi­na­tion of glossy green fo­liage, creamy flow­ers and haunt­ingly beau­ti­ful scents that make them hard to re­sist.

Gar­de­nia fra­grances are found in some of the world’s most ex­pen­sive and pop­u­lar per­fumes but none in the bot­tle are like the real thing. Gar­de­nias are real pot stars, thriv­ing in fea­ture pots that pre­fer po­si­tions with some af­ter­noon shade or semi shade.

Gar­de­nia Ocean Pearl has dou­ble white flow­ers and a com­pact, dense habit to around 50cm.

If you’re look­ing for a fra­grant hedge it’s dif­fi­cult to go past Orange Jes­samine (Mur­raya pan­ic­u­lata). This ev­er­green glossy leave shrub can grow to 3m and with a bit of clip­ping, forms a fine dense hedge.

Once es­tab­lished, it stands up to Perth sum­mer heat very well and will de­light with its highly per­fumed late spring and sum­mer flow­ers.

If you love a good port, a Port Wine Mag­no­lia might be the go. Miche­li­aCoCo is a new form of the old favourite. CoCo has larger fo­liage and flow­ers than the com­mon form and grows to 23m high. Over the warmer months, it pro­duces flushes of yel­low­ish-pur­ple tinged flow­ers that have a sweet ba­nana-come-port wine fra­grance.

When any­one is given a rose, their in­stinc­tive re­ac­tion is to smell it, for fra­grance is the mys­ti­cal soul of the rose.

It can de­light the senses and bring back a thou­sand mem­o­ries.

The magic of fra­grant roses lies in their en­tic­ing blend of es­sen­tial oils, pro­duced along the lower petal sur­faces. Rose fra­grance is usu­ally strong­est in the morn­ing and on sunny days when the soil is moist.

Rose scents vary enor­mously but some of the most iden­ti­fi­able are sweet old rose, cit­rus, ap­ple, vi­o­let, clove, myrrh, fruity and spicy.

The hy­brid tea rose Dou­ble De­light is def­i­nitely in the ‘knocks your socks off’ cat­e­gory and of­ten tops the list when asked “what’s the most fra­grant rose?”.

It has also been awarded the Amer­i­can Rose So­ci­ety's high­est award for fra­grance. It’s cer­tainly a de­light, with ex­hi­bi­tion qual­ity blooms of dou­ble cream, edged with red.

Some other fra­grant hy­brid tea roses are Blue Moon, Can­dle­light, Fra­grant Cloud, Granada Mr Lin­coln, Per­fume Pas­sion and Pope John Paul II. Which is the most fra­grant? Well, I say let your nose be the judge.

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