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BE­ING the cul­mi­na­tion of the last three Daniel Craig-star­ring films that in­jected a gritty shot of adren­a­line into the long-run­ning James Bond se­ries, a 148-minute run­ning time seems jus­ti­fi­able for Spec­tre.

Every­thing from Bond’s per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life so far has been build­ing to this point.

How­ever, de­spite clock­ing in at only five min­utes longer than the su­pe­rior Sky­fall, it feels like it drags on longer than Gone With The Wind.

In fact, I feel like last week’s pre­view may still be screen­ing.

While the OO pro­gram is be­ing threat­ened with clo­sure by MI6, James Bond (Craig) goes rogue to seek re­venge on the man who killed M (Judi Dench), but it just leads him to big­ger fish and se­crets from his past.

He teams with Madeleine Swann (Sey­doux), who can help lead him to, but also needs pro­tec­tion from, this episode’s evil master­mind Ober­hauser (Waltz).

Link­ing the events from the last few out­ings prom­ises to re­sult in Bond’s most emo­tion­ally dev­as­tat­ing and com­plex plot.

But it is not con­vinc­ingly por­trayed.

Jump­ing back in the di­rec­tor’s chair, Sam Men­des de­liv­ers the ac­tion once again, with a re­li­ably thrilling open­ing and sub­se­quent ten­sion-filled chase se­quences, but the Amer­i­can Beauty helmer fails to bring the emo­tional blows this wrap-up re­quires.

Craig fills his trade­mark suit beau­ti­fully and his per­for­mance is ap­pro­pri­ately stern.

But his por­tral of the Bri­tish spy is lack­lus­tre when faced with emo­tional tur­moil.

Spec­tre feels like it thinks it has more dra­matic weight than it does.

While it is nowhere near the level of the dis­as­trous Quan­tum of So­lace, it is not ex­actly the high note that Craig should have gone out on in the iconic role.

Hit and miss: Daniel Craig as the su­per spy fac­ing his de­mons in the lat­est Bond of­fer­ing.

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