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Premier Colin Bar­nett says he is “amused” by the City of Su­bi­aco and WA Foot­ball Com­mis­sion making plans for the fu­ture of Su­bi­aco Oval, when the de­ci­sion is ul­ti­mately in the State Gov­ern­ment’s hands. Well, he who laughs first does not al­ways laugh last.

- Linda Rogers At which point do we call for the City of Su­bi­aco Coun­cil to be re­moved for be­ing to­tally in­ept? - Matt Holmes The facts are Su­bi­aco coun­cil has a Vest­ing Or­der with the Gov­er­nor of Western Aus­tralia for Su­bi­aco Oval and a 99-year lease agree­ment with the WA Foot­ball Com­mis­sion. Let’s see if the Premier can tear up those con­tracts and ig­nore Su­bi­aco coun­cil.

- Julie Mathe­son Su­bi­aco coun­cil has been in­ept for many years. As a ratepayer, Cr Julie Mathe­son, I’m en­ti­tled to say so.

- Sharon Wade The WA Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment As­so­ci­a­tion is dis­ap­pointed it was not in­volved in a State Gov­ern­ment de­ci­sion about coun­cil reg­is­ters for gifts and travel. Surely no­body is still naive enough to be­lieve that the peo­ple we elect to gov­ern­ment have any in­ten­tion of rep­re­sent­ing our best in­ter­ests. They’re gen­er­ally in it to line their own pock­ets with out­ra­geous re­mu­ner­a­tion, ex­penses and perks ......and will hap­pily snap up any lit­tle ex­tra of­fered by any­one who wants to cir­cum­vent vot­ers’ wishes. The con­cept of be­ing elected to serve the com­mu­nity is long dead... our pol­lies are only in­ter­ested in their own ad­vance­ment with lit­tle re­gard for the in­ter­est of the wider com­mu­nity.

- Bob Smith Perth’s first cat cafe might be com­ing to Su­bi­aco’s Rokeby Road. Pur­rthetic. How can coun­cils be taken se­ri­ously about food san­i­ta­tion if they al­low an­i­mals in cafés? What next? Dog’s break­fast?

- Un­cle Buck Yes! Yes a thou­sand times! - Beata Keleti We have to go! - Ann Johnsen

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