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YOU can stand back and say ‘Why doesn’t the coun­cil do this?’, or ‘Why doesn’t the Gov­ern­ment do that?’ How­ever, do­ing some­thing your­self about the is­sue is a bet­ter course of ac­tion. One of the an­swers is con­tin­u­ing the his­tor­i­cally planted tree canopy that is un­der threat from de­vel­op­ment, in­fill and a dry­ing cli­mate that is lit­er­ally in our back yards. Have a look at your gar­den and, if you have them, ask what hap­pens af­ter that tow­er­ing gum, tall hedge of na­tive bushes or grove of pa­per­barks end their life? We can help our tree canopy with an ethos of plant­ing our own land re­place­ments for trees that be­come too old. There will also be a chance there is a strong young­ster ready when that old gum top­ples in the next big blow, and enough trees to con­vince de­vel­op­ers they are the fab­ric that makes the land val­ued.

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