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POOR DC Comics.

Try­ing to emerge from Marvel’s ex­pand­ing shadow is prov­ing to be a dif­fi­cult task.

While Marvel’s world build­ing cer­tainly has been hit and miss through­out the years (Thor and Hulk be­ing the least suc­cess­ful), it has cor­nered the mar­ket on live ac­tion comic book adap­ta­tions.

It is al­most as if DC did not have a chance.

And yet it did, with own­er­ship of the orig­i­nal adap­ta­tion hit Su­per­man, the re­cent Dark Knight tril­ogy still float­ing in au­di­ence’s minds and the fresh ap­proach to Sui­cide Squad.

But some­thing went very wrong some­where.

With Su­per­man out of the pic­ture after the events of Bat­man v Su­per­man: Dawn of Jus­tice, the ques­tion is raised who will pro­tect the world from evil forces.

A se­cret gov­ern­ment agency, run by the joy­less Amanda Waller (Vi­ola Davis), gath­ers a group of im­pris­oned psy­chotic and danger­ous crim­i­nals, in­clud­ing as­sas­sin Dead­shot (Will Smith), ditzy Har­ley Quinn (Mar­got Robbie) and fire­ball Di­ablo (Jay Her­nan­dez), to do the job.

If they com­plete their mis­sion to stop an out-of-con­trol witch En­chantress (Cara Delev­ingne), their jail sen­tence will be re­duced; if they try to es­cape, they will be killed.

The idea of mak­ing a crime­fight­ing team out of a group of self­ish, violent and danger­ous villains is the rad­i­cal con­cept this su­per­hero/ comic book adap­ta­tion genre needs – some­thing from out of left field to shake things up.

But after an ex­tended role call in­tro­duc­ing all th­ese char­ac­ters and set­ting up the story, there is lit­tle rea­son to be­come emotionally in­volved.

It all seems so rushed, as if per­haps each char­ac­ter may have re­quired their own ori­gin film be­fore we got to this point.

Hype sur­round­ing Jared Leto’s ver­sion of the Joker seems like a joke al­ready, with the ac­tor al­lowed min­i­mal move­ment to cre­ate a char­ac­ter with barely 15 min­utes of screen time.

Mar­got Robbie is one of the good bad guys in Sui­cide Squad.

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