DJ cools on cool, opts for pop fun

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DJ TOM Loud, aka Tom Lown­des, no longer cares for cool.

Very much a “mu­sic snob” in his 20s and teens, the 35-year-old father-of-two is singing a new tune.

Now he just wants to have fun. “I’ve dis­cov­ered how good pop mu­sic can be and just how lovely it is to play stuff peo­ple know rather than try­ing to find some­thing no one knows, which is what a lot of DJS do,” Lown­des said.

“I used to be into heavy metal and then techno and was very purist about those worlds.

“I was anti-pop mu­sic – I didn’t get it – but now I ap­pre­ci­ate just how great and rare a re­ally good bit of pop mu­sic is. It’s one of the hard­est things to do yet it sounds so effortless and I just love it.”

The Cottes­loe-born, Syd­ney­based DJ launched his Hot Dub Time Ma­chine dance party in 2011 and is still in awe of its suc­cess.

Meld­ing songs from the ’60s to to­day into an au­dio­vi­sual rave, the show has toured Aus­tralia and the world.

It has sprouted two off­shoots: Kid Dub for chil­dren, which

launched at the 2017 Perth Fringe World Fes­ti­val, and the Hot Dub Wine Ma­chine, which will be in the Swan Val­ley in April.

“Just when I think it can’t get any big­ger, it gets big­ger,” Lown­des said.

“I play the songs and mix them to­gether on my turntable and it’s mu­sic that peo­ple want to hear – mu­sic they re­ally like and have an emo­tional af­fec­tion to­wards.

“As a DJ, part of the DJ cul­ture says that to do that is not cool, but I don’t give a s*** about not be­ing cool – I just want to have fun.”

Tom Lown­des has come a long way since he started Djing in 2001, play­ing mostly in his bed­room and with friends.

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