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IT never oc­curred to Perth artist Jen­nie Nay­ton that so many peo­ple would want to be pho­tographed with her lat­est art­work, but they do.

If you have vis­ited Crown Tow­ers since it opened in De­cem­ber, chances are you have ei­ther pho­tographed, or at least no­ticed, Rev­erie of land, line & form grac­ing the atrium wall by the frangi­pani tree.

“I’ve been sur­prised by pho­tos pop­ping up on Face­book,” Nay­ton said.

“Some­one I didn’t know tagged me in while stand­ing in front of my art work; it turned out to be an­other mum at my kid’s school.”

Like other lo­cal artists, Nay­ton was in­vited by Crown to pro­duce a work that had lo­cal char­ac­ter and ref­er­enced the WA land­scape.

“When you are com­mis­sioned for a work like this you have to con­sider the space you’re putting it in and the Crown brand­ing,” she said.

“It’s meant to be about so­phis­ti­ca­tion, so they were my start­ing pa­ram­e­ters. I re­ally wanted a work that was quite earthy and pulled you in to this feel­ing of the desert; the work to me is like a med­i­ta­tion on the land­scape.”

Nay­ton said she was orig­i­nally in­vited to sub­mit a pro­posal for an art­work in the lobby and was beaten by her own fab­ri­ca­tor, so she re­sub­mit­ted her pro­posal for the thor­ough­fare.

“I de­signed it but I out­source my fab­ri­ca­tion to other peo­ple, so that way my pub­lic art is in all dif­fer­ent medi­ums and I just go where my ideas go, rather than hav­ing to be an ex­pert in one area,” she said.

“In this case, I de­signed the art­work and cast the orig­i­nal forms and carved them out of plas­ter.

“Then I sent them off to a mas­ter mould maker who made the moulds, which then went down to Mar­garet River to my fab­ri­ca­tor, who is a mas­ter ce­ramist and glazer, and he cre­ated the work.

“Carv­ing the plas­ter plugs was quite a chal­lenge be­cause I turned out to have de­vel­oped an al­lergy to plas­ter. I ended up hav­ing to wear head-to-foot cov­er­ing.”

Nay­ton be­gan her art train­ing at high school and stud­ied photography at Tafe Mt Law­ley be­fore sculp­ture at Clare­mont School of Art and fi­nally com­bin­ing the two medi­ums dur­ing her hon­ours year at Curtin Uni­ver­sity.

Pic­ture: An­drew Ritchie d465724

Artist Jen­nie Nay­ton with her work Rev­erie of land, line & form at Crown Tow­ers.

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