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AN act of kind­ness hap­pened to me re­cently.

I was at River­ton Shop­ping Cen­tre buy­ing my great grand­son a birth­day present for his first birth­day.

He's a very happy baby who has been in hos­pi­tal with a virus a few times.

I had picked out a toy dog who barked and made sounds that worked by sen­sor move­ment. I also had a cou­ple of other items for him for him.

I thought the dog would be about $40, but reach­ing the check-out I asked the price be­fore ring­ing it up only to find out it was $79.

I told the check-out as­sis­tant I would have to leave it as I could not stretch my pen­sion that far.

I walked out with the other items and en­tered a shop op­po­site to look for other presents. Then I re­ceived a tap on my shoul­der.

There was a lovely lady who is a complete stranger hand­ing the dog to me, say­ing she had bought it for me as she wanted me to have it.

I do not know the lady, she left be­fore I could get her name, as I was sur­prised by her kind­ness.

I would like her to know that the baby loves his lit­tle dog and gets so much joy from him.

A very big thank you to this lady for her kind­ness as my great grand­son is still very sick.

Cyn­thia E. Hughes,


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