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IR­ISH co­me­dian Jason Byrne’s 10-year-old son loathes what his fa­ther does for a liv­ing.

“He’s at the age now where he ei­ther calls me Dad or Jason Byrne; they’re two dif­fer­ent peo­ple to him,” Byrne said.

“So he’ll ask, ‘Is Jason Byrne do­ing a gig tonight?’.

“And then my 17-year-old son just thinks I’m a clown and I’m not, I’m a se­ri­ous, deep-think­ing co­me­dian – with in­flat­able ducks.”

Both of Byrne’s sons and his wife have made a rare trip to Aus­tralia to ac­com­pany him dur­ing the Mel­bourne In­ter­na­tional Com­edy Fes­ti­val, be­fore he trav­els west on April 29 and 30 for the Perth Com­edy Fes­ti­val.

But he does not want his boys get­ting any ideas of fol­low­ing in their fa­ther’s ca­reer foot­steps.

“They’re funny but will be go­ing to col­lege and get­ting a real job,” Byrne said.

“I’ve been do­ing this for 20 years and it’s been a terrifying 20 years be­cause you work for your­self.

“Ba­si­cally when peo­ple have a real job, they try to do as lit­tle as pos­si­ble be­cause it’s not their com­pany, but when you work for your­self you have to do as much as pos­si­ble.

“It’s the whole other end of the spec­trum and you have to work day and night. I would hate to see my sons in it, but it’s not like I would stop them.”

Byrne’s lat­est show Propped Up is, like it al­ludes to in the ti­tle, all about props.

The co­me­dian has re­turned to his roots of prop-based com­edy fol­low­ing an in­ter­lude in story-based stand-up.

“I get bored quickly, so I change the show all the time,” he said.

“I have a two-hour show in my head but we can only do an hour, so I just keep swap­ping and chang­ing it, while my tech­ni­cal man­ager has a great time keep­ing up. The au­di­ence get on stage and join in the stuff, which is ab­so­lutely hi­lar­i­ous.

“It uses up a lot of en­ergy, so some­times I wish I just sat in an arm­chair and told sto­ries while smok­ing a pipe.”

Co­me­dian Jason Byrne.

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