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I GET an­noyed when I hear peo­ple say, “Hu­man lives are more im­por­tant”. Hang on, that is the most bi­ased state­ment.

It is made only be­cause we are hu­mans, isn’t it?

But ev­ery life to its owner is im­por­tant.

If you asked the shark, he would say ‘I am’.

Then some­body said, “That is our life­style”, go­ing surf­ing or swim­ming, I guess.

Here again, it is wrong.

We are land-liv­ing crit­ters. That is why we build houses, rail­ways, sta­di­ums etc on land.

The shark is only a sea crea­ture and has no choice.

He does not in­vade our space on land.

Why isn’t a study made of the months sharks are around WA?

They come in when shoals of salmon and other fish come close.

Then huge signs could be placed, warn­ing us stupid hu­mans.

I say this be­cause for all the warnings, id­iots will go into the sea.

What of the peo­ple dy­ing be­cause of drunk-driv­ers and also the king-hit­ters (one punch)?

Ev­ery cou­ple of days some­one dies at their hands.

Are we to say kill males be­tween 18 and 30?


Queens Park

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