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RE Mau­reen Gor­don’s let­ter, I can no longer con­tain my si­lence con­cern­ing sharks ver­sus hu­mans?

I’m quite sick of these peo­ple who think that sharks have a right to at­tack us in shal­low wa­ters ie, beaches, where they don’t be­long.

They be­long to the di­nosaur era as the croc­o­dile does, but some­how they sur­vived the huge me­teor hit­ting Earth and al­ter­ing the cli­mate and tilt­ing the planet off its axis mil­lions of years ago.

We are the ‘ul­ti­mate preda­tor’ on this planet with­out a doubt. Henry David Thoreau once said “Man is the most sav­age crea­ture on this planet”.

But cur­rently we are gut­less wimps here in WA, cour­tesy of our pa­thetic Gov­ern­ment of course, who don’t rep­re­sent public opin­ion at all.

A man-eat­ing lion in Africa for in­stance would be got rid of smartly, I can tell you.

Who is the id­iot that put Great Whites on the en­dan­gered/pro­tected list? We beach lovers need to be pro­tected now.



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