Moral weak­ness

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DENISE Cahill laments that self­in­volved ac­tiv­i­ties have squeezed out re­li­gion (ed­i­to­rial, 15/8/17).

Re­li­gion is still core to the ori­gins of our ex­is­tence and pro­vides a co­gently con­structed av­enue for con­fi­dence about our des­tiny af­ter death.

It will never en­tirely go away. But the de­cline in re­li­gious ob­ser­vance across the western world has cre­ated a moral weak­ness which the Les­bian-gay­bi­sex­ual (LGB) lobby is ex­ploit­ing with its en­deav­our to foist same-sex mar­riage (SSM) on so­ci­ety.

En­act­ment of SSM will en­cour­age fur­ther nor­mal­i­sa­tion of ho­mo­sex­ual be­haviour in Aus­tralian cul­ture.

SSM will give the LBG lobby in­creased lever­age in the law to si­lence the voice of churches.

Al­ready, the Catholic Arch­bishop in Tas­ma­nia, Ju­lian Por­te­ous, has been sub­ject to an anti-dis­crim­i­na­tion com­plaint af­ter af­firm­ing stan­dard Catholic doc­trine on mar­riage.

Other preach­ers across Aus­tralia have been sub­ject to of­fi­cial com­plaints.

Ex­emp­tions for re­li­gious prac­ti­tion­ers in a SSM bill fail en­tirely to pro­tect the free ex­er­cise of con­science of the church laity and oth­ers who hold re­li­gious beliefs. Ex­emp­tions are ten­u­ous and can be struck down by the stroke of a pen.

Should SSM be en­acted, re­li­gion will be un­der threat not only from busy lives, as Denise Cahill high­lights (15/8/17), but also from thought polic­ing by a new Lgb-com­pli­ant regime. ROLAND CROOK, Bassendean

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