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DA­NEECHI Swimwear is not just a place where peo­ple go to buy bathers.

It’s a place where peo­ple go to feel good about their bod­ies. Denise Price and her team know how to dress any shape or size in swimwear. Da­neechi, which is clos­ing down be­cause of de­clin­ing sales fig­ures, is a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for the big-breasted pop­u­la­tion be­cause they stock brands that know a size 10 wo­man comes in dif­fer­ent shapes.

Laura Gl­it­sos put it bluntly on the

Face­book page when she said “Nooooooo! Where am I gonna take my big boobs now?!?”.

Mrs Price makes a point of cater­ing for th­ese big-breasted women be­cause in the early days of de­sign­ing bathers, there was no such thing as D-cup bathers.

Her va­ri­ety of clients was ob­vi­ous when I vis­ited last week. A mid­dle-aged cus­tomer came in re­quest­ing a spe­cific de­sign, fol­lowed by a man shop­ping for bathers for his wife.

You’ll never get that sort of ser­vice on­line.


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