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5 Which com­pany in­tro­duced the first one-piece, dry-pa­per pho­to­copier? (5)

8 What is the oc­cu­pa­tion of some­one who pre­scribes and dis­penses glasses? (8)

9 Most na­tional UK news­pa­pers used to be based in which Lon­don street? (5)

10 Which in­stru­ment en­tered the or­ches­tra dur­ing the 18th- cen­tury vogue for Turk­ish mil­i­tary mu­sic? (8) 11 What dark wood is used in mak­ing bag­pipes? (5) 14 What is the 7th let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (3) 16 The Great Fire of Lon­don started in a what? (6) 17 What des­ig­nates “suit­able for men and women”? (6) 18 What is a moose also called? (3) 20 In what type of puz­zle are words rep­re­sented by com­bi­na­tions of pic­tures and letters? (5) 24 Zo­o­log­i­cally, what is any hoofed an­i­mal? (8) 25 Span­ish soldier Ro­drigo Díaz de Vi­var is bet­ter known as who? (2,3)

26 What type of gun wasWorldWar One’s Big Bertha? (8)

27 Which fic­tional po­lice in­spec­tor lovedWag­ner and real ale? (5)


1 What was Don Estelle’s char­ac­ter’s nick­name in TV’s It Ain’t Half Hot Mum? (5)

2 What de­scribes a per­son who can en­dure pain or hard­ship with­out show­ing their feel­ings? (5)

3 Early Scot­tish kings were crowned on the Stone of Des­tiny, where? (5) 4 At what did Vaslav Ni­jin­sky ex­cel? (6) 6 A space on a book­plate for the owner’s name might be headed how? (2,6)

7 The sap of what ever­green flow­er­ing shrub is used in rat poi­son? (8)

12 Abba won the 1974 Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test with which song? (8)

13 Which is the only ac­tive vol­cano on the Euro­pean main­land? (8) 14 ACy­clops was dis­tinc­tive for one what? (3) 15 The puf­fin be­longs to which bird fam­ily? (3) 19 Haydn’s last 12 sym­phonies are named af­ter which city where they were first per­formed? (6) 21 Who is the Ro­man equiv­a­lent of Eros? (5) 22 What plant has the Latin name Zea mays? (5) 23 Eight kings of Eng­land were named what? (5)

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