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The E-hy­brid Panam­era in­te­grates its elec­tric mo­tor into the au­to­matic trans­mis­sion, mean­ing power is sent to all four wheels whether in elec­tric, petrol or hy­brid mode. In pure elec­tric ‘E’ mode, Vmax is 140km/ h, whereas ‘H’ mode uses a blend of petrol/elec­tric for op­ti­mum ef­fi­ciency while still al­low­ing a top speed of 310km/ h. Depend­ing on the EV set­ting, the sys­tem can be switched to pri­ori­tise bat­tery charg­ing, max­i­mum fuel econ­omy, or bat­tery preser­va­tion for later use. Com­pared with the Turbo, the Turbo S E-hy­brid is sad­dled with a 150kg bat­tery, a 50kg mo­tor, and about 100kg worth of electrics to op­er­ate the cabin heat­ing and cool­ing units when the V8 is dor­mant.

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