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1st Audi A1 Sport­back 1.0 TFSI

Just as down­siz­ers step­ping from big early-cen­tury homes in the suburbs are choos­ing flash in­ner-city apart­ments and town­houses, those step­ping from medium and large cars are opt­ing for de­signer ba­bies such as the Audi A1 Sport­back rather than pedes­trian small hatches. With a chirpy 1.0-litre turbo triple, In­gol­stadt’s small­est model uses just 4.2L/100km which makes it the least costly to fuel of any Gold Star Value award re­cip­i­ent. The in­sur­ance cost is rea­son­able for a premium hatch at $776, while the 12-month ser­vice in­ter­val will save has­sle and a few bucks.

2nd2dmi Minii Coop­erC

Con­di­tion-based ser­vic­ing means the cheeky three-door Cooper will tell you when it needs a trip to see the span­ner­man, and it could go up to two years be­tween vis­its, ac­cord­ing to Mini. .

33rd­dbmw BMW 118i Ss­port Li­line

The $ 36,990 BMW 118i will hold 57 per­cent of its new value after three years, com­pared with 46 per­cent for the $ 9500-cheaper Mini Cooper – a de de­pre­ci­a­tion dif­fer­ence of just $ 360/year.

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