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Re­cently while sit­ting at an in­ter­sec­tion wait­ing my turn, a fairly con­stant conga line of Com­modores and Fal­cons passed me by. I called out each model as it passed: VT...VE... EL...VZ... FG.. BA...VF... AU... an­other VZ... The pro­ces­sion of Aussie metal made me lament the pass­ing of Aus­tralian car man­u­fac­tur­ing.

It also got me won­der­ing: what will that conga line of cars look like in 10 years when these older Aussie cars fi­nally get to the end of their work­ing lives? What will these Com­modore and Fal­con driv­ers re­place their beloved Aussie car with in the fu­ture? Not a rear-drive lo­cal that is go­ing to give the length of ser­vice or be bet­ter value for money.

In other words, all the rea­sons why they bought their Aus­tralian car in the first place, will no longer be an op­tion to them.

How­ever my melan­choly for the end of the car in­dus­try and never again see­ing an Aus­tralian car on the cover of Wheels lifted when I spot­ted the May 2018 edi­tion. Af­ter buy­ing and devour­ing the mag­a­zine, the new Brab­ham sur­passed sev­eral Mclarens, Fer­raris, As­ton Martins and Porsches to be at the top of my su­per­car wish­list.

I truly hope that David Brab­ham can make a suc­cess of this ven­ture. The Brab­ham BT62 su­per­car is a sym­bol of hope and pride for this coun­try. It arouses the be­lief that we can still be a car man­u­fac­tur­ing na­tion, even if the ve­hi­cle will be out of reach for the av­er­age punter like my­self. While my bank ac­count will only al­low two hum­ble Hold­ens to fill my garage, an­other Aus­tralian brand has just en­tered my heart.

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