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De­spite of­fer­ing none of the trick move­able aero struc­tures of the 720S, the 600LT works the air hard. The front split­ter juts for­ward by an ex­tra 27mm, and there’s an 8mm drop in ride height. Brake cool­ing chan­nels are set into the floor, and the flanks of the car are garnished with car­bon­fi­bre split­ter end plates, tyre spoil­ers, side skirts and aero winglets.

Ex­it­ing the twin ex­hausts sky­wards from the re­vised mesh en­gine deck has al­lowed Mclaren to go wall-to-wall with the mas­sive rear dif­fuser. As well as be­ing wider, the dif­fuser is longer, start­ing un­der the rear axle. This length helps cre­ate a low-pres­sure zone un­der the ve­hi­cle, dif­fused more grad­u­ally into the airstream. At 255km/h, 100kg of down­force is split 40 per­cent front, 60 per­cent rear.

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