Of all di­a­mond colours, pink is the most in­trigu­ing. Un­like other coloured di­a­monds, the phe­nom­ena of pink di­a­monds re­mains in part a mys­tery. It is thought that the pink colour is cre­ated by a twist within the atomic lat­tice dur­ing for­ma­tion, the re­sult of im­mense heat and pres­sure be­neath the earth’s sur­face—a fab­u­lous fluke of na­ture.

The finest and rarest di­a­monds are re­served for the an­nual Ar­gyle Pink Di­a­monds Ten­der, which is widely re­ferred to as the most exclusive di­a­mond sale in the world. The event high­lights a small num­ber of im­por­tant di­a­monds from the Ar­gyle mine that stand apart from their peers in terms of vi­brancy and in­ten­sity of colour. The 50 to 60 of the most ex­traor­di­nar­ily rare pink, red and vi­o­let di­a­monds that are of­fered as part of the Ten­der rep­re­sent less than 0.1 per­cent of di­a­monds ever un­earthed from the Ar­gyle Di­a­mond Mine.

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