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Past Pres­i­dent: COLIN TOOMEY, The Shangri-la Ho­tel, Syd­ney Gen­eral Sec­re­tary: JAMES RIDENOUR, In­tercon­ti­nen­tal Mel­bourne The Rialto


Pres­i­dent: PETER MCBREARTY, The Lang­ham, Mel­bourne Sec­re­tary: DAVID LUFF Trea­surer: BEN DAVIES, The Lang­ham, Mel­bourne

NSW Mem­bers

State Di­rec­tor: MARK AN­DER­SON, In­tercon­ti­nen­tal Syd­ney JA­SON ABERIN, Hil­ton Syd­ney AL­LAN AL­VAREZ, Syd­ney Har­bour Mar­riott VIC­TOR BARAYA, Radis­son Blu Plaza Ho­tel Syd­ney VINI BIANCALANA, Syd­ney Har­bour Mar­riott LANCE BIRKETT, Parkroyal Dar­ling Har­bour JOSH BLAKE, Four Sea­sons Ho­tel Syd­ney NICK BOCOCK, Sof­i­tel Syd­ney Went­worth NATHAN BROWN, Sof­i­tel Syd­ney Dar­ling Har­bour PETER BROWN, Hy­att Re­gency Syd­ney GARY CHAN, Hy­att Re­gency Syd­ney EU­GENE CHANG, The Westin Syd­ney PHIL DE MERINDOL, The Shangri-la Ho­tel, Syd­ney JONATHAN FAMBART, Park Hy­att Syd­ney GREG HILLARD, Syd­ney Har­bour Mar­riott GARY LEE, Swis­sô­tel Syd­ney JAMES NOBLEZA, Parkroyal Dar­ling Har­bour MARK PEY­TON, Sof­i­tel Syd­ney Went­worth DAVID REYNOLDS, Sir Stam­ford Cir­cu­lar Quay JORGE SOUSA, Four Sea­sons Ho­tel Syd­ney HIDETAKA TANAKA, Hil­ton Syd­ney BEN THOMAS, West Ho­tel Syd­ney SUNNY TOGIAVALU, Sher­a­ton On The Park COLIN TOOMEY, The Shangri-la Ho­tel, Syd­ney MAGDI ZARZOUR, Amora Ho­tel Jami­son

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