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WIN­TER is the time of year that leaves many of us feel­ing lethar­gic, de­pressed and low on en­ergy but ac­cord­ing to the owner of Yoga For Life, Michelle Smail, it is the per­fect time to start the self-heal­ing process with yoga.

Orig­i­nat­ing in In­dia, yoga is an an­cient prac­tice that fo­cuses on the mind, body and spirit for well-be­ing and har­mony.

Yoga helps peo­ple be­come more aware of their body’s pos­ture, align­ment and pat­terns of move­ment, in­creas­ing flex­i­bil­ity and help­ing with re­lax­ation even in the midst of a stress stricken en­vi­ron­ment.

Some of the rea­sons peo­ple start prac­tis­ing yoga are to feel fit­ter, be more en­er­getic, be hap­pier and more peace­ful.

Over the past two years, Ms Smail com­pleted a Ayurvedic Life­style Con­sul­tants course, work­ing with spe­cial­ist Dr Sar­b­jot Ajit in New Zealand, to of­fer a com­plete and in­di­vid­ual path to health and well-be­ing.

She said in or­der for peo­ple to live a whole­some life they must bal­ance the Kapha en­ergy which is the slow, damp en­ergy that creeps in dur­ing the win­ter months.

“It is im­por­tant to re­main ac­tive to keep your im­mune sys­tem healthy and to ac­tively work tox­ins out of the body by eat­ing the right foods,” she said.

Ms Smail ad­vises a diet con­sist­ing of plenty of warm, mod­er­ately spiced soups, root veg­eta­bles, grains and plenty of warm drinks to help restore en­ergy.

“A lot of the time our lives are so busy and so con­nected to stimual­tion that yoga is a lovely op­por­tu­nity to just be quiet for a while and I think our bod­ies re­ally wel­come that,” she said.

Yoga For Life, held at the Whit­sun­day Neigh­bour­hood Cen­tre, has a range of dif­fer­ent classes that are de­signed for all age groups and skill lev­els.

CORE STRENGTH: Owner of Yoga for Life Michelle Smail per­forms the gate pose (or Parighasana) which strength­ens the side of your torso, stim­u­lates the kid­neys, opens your shoul­ders and helps to re­duce neck and shoul­der ten­sion. It also helps im­prove breath­ing ca­pac­ity.

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