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AS MUCH as we may de­plore it, Syria’s con­flict is a civil war and not one Aus­tralia should be dragged into by politi­cians strut­ting the world stage and want­ing to beat a war drum to Amer­ica’s tune. Death by gas is a ter­ri­ble way to die, no doubt about that, but by the same to­ken, so is the death and suf­fer­ing caused by an atom bomb, so let’s not equiv­o­cate too much on which is the most dread­ful way to die.

Syria’s civil con­flict has gone on for two years and has cost one hun­dred thou­sand lives. Th­ese peo­ple were killed by so called con­ven­tial means, to hear of forty or fifty blown up by a bomb is a weekly event, men, women, and chil­dren are killed. Dozens of oth­ers are mu­ti­lated. Noth­ing con­ven­tial about that ei­ther, but just as shock­ing to see yet, there is no call to out­law bomb­ing.

Ev­ery ma­jor coun­try in the world would have, along with the atom bombs, sup­plies of lethal gas well tucked away, a fright­en­ing thought in­deed.

We must not let Aus­tralian troops be com­mit­ted to an­other use­less war so some politi­cian can stand tall at UNESCO and bask in the lime­light.

War is a vor­tex the faster it grows, the more are drawn into it, with ter­ri­ble re­sults for all. There re­ally are no win­ners, un­less of course it’s the politi­cians who make damn sure they are never near the fir­ing line.

Dur­ing World War II, I spent a cou­ple of weeks in Rose­mount hos­pi­tal in Bris­bane and saw some of the ter­ri­ble turns from mus­tard gas on some of the old chaps from World War I. I have never for­got­ten that. John N Tyree WIL­SON BEACH

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