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Low fly­ing

ON FRI­DAY the 21 March a he­li­copter was fly­ing around our area for some time and about 5pm re­alised the noise was get­ting louder as if it was get­ting close. It was, and to my hor­ror saw it was fly­ing very low, dodg­ing the trees and head­ing to­wards the house,

I’m still sur­prised the he­li­copter did not crash into the house or into any trees.

Upon phon­ing one of the air­ports on Satur­day morn­ing was asked if the copter was red. It could have been multi coloured for all I know. She ex­plained they fly low for sur­veil­lance and other rea­sons and the weather at the time made vis­i­bil­ity poor.

That may be so but I con­sider it dan­ger­ous fly­ing too low over res­i­den­tial ar­eas with many ob­sta­cles in­clud­ing power lines to avoid. It would not be very pleas­ant for an air­craft to crash on ones land or any­where and find an in­jured pi­lot sprawled in the plane or on the ground. Once is enough for me, thank you. Marj Jon­dahl CON­WAY

No foot­path

EASTER hol­i­days are com­ing up and once again there will be groups of young people walk­ing on the road over Shin­g­ley Hill, on rainy nights they can be hard to see.

Do we have to have a fa­tal­ity be­fore there will be a safe foot­path from Cannonvale to Air­lie Beach? Trevor Har­ri­son MAN­DALAY

Ma­rina park­ing

I GUESS that most people who fre­quent the ma­rina area are now aware that there is now no "le­gal" free park­ing in the whole ma­rina precinct. The ar­eas pre­vi­ously des­ig­nated for free park­ing have sys­tem­at­i­cally been fur­nished with new sig­nage pre­vent­ing any­one from park­ing in what was pre­vi­ously an ac­cept­able park­ing po­si­tion.

This is a bla­tant at­tempt to ex­tract more money from suf­fer­ing ratepay­ers yet again as there is no le­git­i­mate rea­son for this ac­tion by coun­cil.

Signs have been erected pre­vent­ing people from park­ing on Shin­g­ley Drive from 11pm un­til 5am.

I was told by a lo­cal coun­cil­lor some time ago it was to pre­vent camper­vans from overnight­ing so in­stead of a no camp­ing sign let’s ex­clude ev­ery­one (and of course please take ad­van­tage of our paid park­ing just around the cor­ner).

And whilst on my rant why is it that paid park­ing ar­eas gener- at­ing an ex­cel­lent re­turn on in­vest­ment are wide open sun fry­ing pits whilst our shop­ping cen­tres pro­vide shaded park­ing at no charge? Chris John­ston CANNONVALE

Segway con­cern

AS WELL as us hav­ing to dodge ev­ery­thing else whilst out for a walk. Now we are about to have Seg­ways mow us down. Can I ask our Coun­cil to: Paint a di­vid­ing line on the board­walk and all other foot­paths, with clear sig­nage to keep ev­ery­one left of the cen­tre line. Ex­cept when over­tak­ing of course.

Pro­vide clear sig­nage that pedes­tri­ans have Ab­so­lute Right of Way, at all times, over Seg­ways, Push­bikes, Scoot­ers (mo­torised or other­wise) Prams, Run­ners, Dog walk­ers etc.

Af­ter all, even though some may think it un­usual, some of us still want to use our foot­paths just for walk­ing.

As an aside, I have never un­der­stood why adult push­bikes and now Seg­ways are even al­lowed on foot­paths, but, I sup­pose, that is an­other story. Ge­off Smith CANNONVALE

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