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Vo­cal mi­nor­ity

THE vo­cal mi­nor­ity against Ab­bot Point’s dredg­ing are mis­guided. The amount dredged would have about the same ef­fect as dump­ing a semi trailer load of sand in the Sa­hara Desert. These fa­nat­i­cal pro­tes­tors are dead against coal min­ing or any other form of min­ing. It is ob­vi­ous by their si­lence when other ports from Cairns south to the bor­der are dredged, not a word is said, there have been sub­stan­tial amounts moved with lit­tle ef­fect on the reef ecol­ogy. Daily, we have tourist oper­a­tors and mariners in gen­eral go­ing about their pro­fes­sions or sports, emit­ting two stroke ex­haust and mil­lions of minute par­ti­cles of diesel soot into the reef, but I do not be­lieve they should stop what they are do­ing. You can­not make an omelette with­out break­ing eggs and people have to make a liv­ing. Af­ter World War Two, the Amer­i­can and the French used nu­clear bombs in the Bikini and Muro­roa Atolls in the Pa­cific and the reefs re­grew as they do af­ter a vol­cano, which is thou­sands of times more pow­er­ful than man­made nu­clear bombs. The same sorts of people that want no dredg­ing are like the mob that brought Tas­ma­nia to ab­so­lute bankruptcy and poverty.

Whether Ab­bot gets made into a big­ger port I do not know, but I do know it will be dredged just as our main high­ways get up­graded when traf­fic in­creases over­time. I don’t mind people’s right to protest as long as they use their own time and money. Is­sues that need at­ten­tion and de­struc­tion of man­groves and se­vere coastal ero­sion from the Gold Coast to the far north coast and the other ma­jor world prob­lem of oceans be­ing used as a garbage dump. Sadly non of these is­sues at­tract the me­dia or our com­pas­sion­ate politi­cians. Ivan Ivanoff STRATHDICKIE No trust

TRUST US. I write in ref­er­ence to the words used by the wholly owned govern­ment com­pany North Queens­land Bulk Ports spokes­woman Mary Steele in last weeks paper ( Whit­sun­day Times, April 10). "Trust us". Con­grat­u­la­tions and well done for bring­ing this is­sue to the sur­face.

This is ex­actly the heart and soul of the prob­lem and as a com­mu­nity we feel that we can no longer af­ford to in­vest in trust­ing you.

Trust­ing our govern­ment and pub­lic ser­vants to act in our best in­ter­est is fool’s gold.

This is why we gather on the street, this is why we ask the people in the com­mu­nity to come out and join us, be­cause we know in our hearts and souls that our Govern­ment can­not be trusted.

There are no if's, no buts and no maybes.

It's our money and we want you to pro­tect our en­vi­ron­ment and clean up the mess you make on our be­half.

You have demon­strated be­yond a shadow of a doubt that as our part­ners in life, you can­not be trusted. Patrick von Stieglitz AIR­LIE BEACH Cafe clos­ing

UN­FOR­TU­NATELY the Shute Har­bour Café and Bar has had to close its doors.

It has served the com­mu­nity and the Whit­sun­days well for many years. Thanks to my won­der­ful staff, sup­pli­ers and most im­por­tantly, the many cus­tomers both lo­cally and from afar for all their won­der­ful sup­port.

I apol­o­gise for the sud­den­ness and tim­ing of the clo­sure but some­times you just have to draw a line in the sand.

Look out for a last big splash in a few weeks to send the Café and Bar off prop­erly and as a re­minder of what the won­der­ful Shute Har­bour has to of­fer. Rob Turner SHUTE HAR­BOUR CAFE AND BAR Play­ing games

A SMALL per­cent­age of res­i­dents are play­ing games with the next gen­er­a­tion’s fu­ture.

We have lost Toy­ota, we have lost Holden, we have lost Ford, we nearly lost SPC and there are re­ports that min­ing is slow­ing in WA, then on top of that this; a small per­cent­age of people in our re­gion are jeop­ar­dis­ing growth, jobs and the fu­ture of our chil­dren in our area by reck­less protests at­tempt­ing to stop a multi-mil­lion-dol­lar in­vest­ment at Ab­bot Point.

De­spite nu­mer­ous in­sur­ances by ex­perts that the reef will not be ef­fected by the Ab­bot Point project this small per­cent­age have choose not to lis­ten.

Nu­tri­ents from hu­man waste, food stuffs and oily bilge wa­ter be­ing dis­charged from ves­sels in the Whit­sun­day area are killing the corals that make up the reef. There are rules and reg­u­la­tions to stop dis­charg­ing from ves­sels, how­ever these rules are widely ig­nored and dif­fi­cult to po­lice.

I am quite sur­prised that this small protest group did not make their pres­ence felt whilst the Dent Is­land and Port of Air­lie projects were tak­ing place.

Both are a credit to our re­gion and have en­cour­aged tourists and vis­i­tors to stay longer.

The La­goon, Hay­man Is­land, Abel Point and Hamil­ton Is­land have re­quired re­claim­ing land and/or dredg­ing with­out the tech­nol­ogy and know-how that will be used at Ab­bot Point. The slight­est in­di­ca­tion that dam­age is be­ing done to the co­ral and their per­mits will be can­celled, so why not let other people get on with liv­ing and at­tempt to clean up the tourism dam­age in your own back yard. Philip Tovey STRATHDICKIE Elec­tion prom­ises

In the lead up to the last Coun­cil elec­tions, Kevin Collins gained pop­u­lar­ity with a street pa­rade and a boat ramp protest to de­mand the VMR boat ramp (op­po­site the Po­lice Sta­tion) be fixed.

Un­for­tu­nately Mr Collins ap­par­ently lost his pas­sion to fix the boat ramp when he was elected as a Coun­cil­lor. Two years on and noth­ing has hap­pened and not a word about it since the protest.

I hope we don’t have idle prom­ises from any of the new can­di­dates to fix the ramp that prob­a­bly can’t be fixed any­way as it was orig­i­nally built in the wrong lo­ca­tion. Phil Ho­ran AIR­LIE BEACH


NOT wast­ing words on Moscato/Plow­man's blind May­oral al­le­giance’ ("Desta­bi­liza­tion"; "Mayor's right" ( Whit­sun­day Times, April 10), I won­dered though if ei­ther wrote Cr. Collin’s script for his (10/4) coun­cil spray.

John's "pure ha­tred" re­mark is non­sense.

My com­ments al­ways re­fer back to an anal­y­sis of coun­cil’s own fi­nan­cial and QLD au­dit re­ports, clearly show­ing in­com­pe­tence. This, along with many other fail­ings of their own mak­ing, has helped gain trac­tion for over 3000 sig­na­tures on a WRRA pe­ti­tion to re­move an in­ca­pable coun­cil. Many times I've asked John to view this anal­y­sis. He's de­clined. Yes John, $80m of over­spends and lost NDRRA grants is al­ready an un­ac­cept­able $ legacy for my 11 year old son and other ratepay­ers chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. Let's re­view two points of your rant.

1) John says the $300,000 pur­chase of trac­tors from the Mayor's hus­band's busi­ness is ok as it was com­pleted by the pre­vi­ous CEO in Oct (as he didn't leave till Nov 2012). No John, a full coun­cil shouldn’t have re­mained silent on this un­eth­i­cal pur­chase and your script writer is wrong. The pre­vi­ous CEO was re­placed by the cur­rent CEO as act­ing CEO from his Sept hol­i­days, re­main­ing on "project" du­ties un­til a Nov fin­ish.

2) John whines of “con­stant bag­ging of coun­cil” start­ing with (my) fi­nan­cial anal­y­sis, mov­ing to an­other's "Lose the levy" cam­paign and com­mu­nity com­plaints of zero con­sul­ta­tion over the wa­ter tar­iff. John says "no mat­ter what this coun­cil does it will never be right".

Yes John, coun­cil’s $80m record is so damn­ing, how can you re­cover? The CFO’s blus­ter to my ques­tion of why $42m+ cash ($32m+ not in­clud­ing $10m loan), af­ter a "chicken-lit­tle, ex­hausted cash” bleat dup­ing Trea­sury into $25m emer­gency loans just 2 months ear­lier, un­nec­es­sar­ily pun­ish­ing ratepay­ers, is an­other ex­am­ple Crisa­fulli needs to an­swer at our promised WRRA meet­ing. John W Barnes BOWEN

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