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To all those pro Ab­bott Point de­vel­op­ment people who write letters to the edi­tor, please do your home­work be­fore you start bag­ging the many people who are protest­ing against the dump­ing of dredge spoils in the wa­ters of the Great Bar­rier Reef.

These people from all across Aus­tralia are sim­ply do­ing their best to pro­tect the Great Bar­rier Reef.

The large ma­jor­ity of them are not against the Ab­bott Point de­vel­op­ment, just against the dredge spoils which can po­ten­tially harm the reef en­vi­ron­ment. As we all know, there have al­ways been other op­tions; ex­tended tres­tles or dump­ing on land, both of which are fea­si­ble de­spite the spin from NQBP. The spoils can be safely man­aged on land as noted in the Pub­lic En­vi­ron­men­tal Re­port for the project.

The tres­tle ex­ten­sions got the green light from both Mar­itime Safety Queens­land and GBRMPA. How­ever, NQBP sim­ply chose the cheap­est op­tion at the time, dump­ing in the sea. It is in­ter­est­ing to read now that NQPB is say­ing that sea dump­ing is not the cheap­est op­tion. Per­haps they need to re­con­sider their op­tions.

Dump­ing dredge spoils in the sea to ex­pand ports is no longer an ac­cept­able prac­tice any­where along the Great Bar­rier Reef coast. There have been protests from Bris­bane to Cairns high- light­ing this sim­ple fact. We have the abil­ity to move moun­tains of coal from the in­te­rior of Aus­tralia all the way across the ocean to China and In­dia… surely we can prop­erly han­dle a bit of dredge spoil with­out dump­ing it in the wa­ters of the Great Bar­rier Reef World Her­itage Area. Tony Fontes AIR­LIE BEACH

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