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THE MP's (all par­ties), Govt. De­part­ments, The W.T., The Tourist In­dus­try (Whit­sun­day Char­ter Boat In­dus­try As­so­ci­a­tion) and The Res­i­dence (WRAD) are all against dump­ing waste/ spoil/pol­lu­tants at sea - So why is it still con­tin­u­ing to be done daily and will be done into the fu­ture?

I am now re­fer­ring to the un­be­liev­able / re­volt­ing daily prac­tice of dump­ing sewage into our pris­tine wa­ters where baby whales and tur­tles and Dugongs - and our­selves - live and play!

Some tourist boats in the Whit­sun­days (plus pri­vate ves­sels) un­be­liev­ably pump their hold­ing tanks of sewage straight into the sea - not just on or near the GBR, but also di­rectly off our head­lands and beaches.

Anti Dump­ing cam­paign­ers ar­gued strongly and rightly that money should not be a rea­son for not do­ing the right thing ie. not dump­ing on land as op­posed to the cheap op­tion of dump­ing at sea.

So please never use that argu- ment in fu­ture to the now ed­u­cated pub­lic.

Those cam­paign­ers now must strongly ar­gue that pol­lut­ing our wa­ters (their wa­ters) is not ac­cept­able in 2014 (or ever).

They must de­mand that a sys­tem of ‘user pays’ is de­vel­oped now where fa­cil­i­ties are set up at all Mari­nas (at the boat own­ers cost) so that they pay for the col­lec­tion/re­moval of their ‘black wa­ter’ and sub­se­quent land based treat­ment /dis­posal (again at their ex­pense -not the rate payer).

They also know that this ma­jor prob­lem is only go­ing to get worse as tourism grows (and their busi­nesses grow and get more prof­itable) I sug­gest a pal­try sum of say $50,000 is levied to each com­mer­cial ves­sel to start the ball rolling and get the "project" un­der­way and then fur­ther levy's as needed - plus a user pays sys­tem for the cost of han­dling/pro­cess­ing of their prob­lem waste - this will en­sure the scheme's suc­cess and im­prove our en­vi­ron­ment by best prac­tice sys­tems (ex­actly what they have been ar­gu­ing for - there­fore the least they them­selves have, and now, should de­mand).

I ask that George Chris­tensen and his gov­ern­ment also get in­volved to force this through ASAP to get rid of this dis­grace­ful prac­tice.

He should plead with all Aus­tralian and in­ter­na­tional banks to with­draw fund­ing to those who de­lib­er­ately dump their wastes at sea - our sea.

Would any­one tol­er­ate tourist coaches just emp­ty­ing their sewage hold­ing tanks on our roads? Def­i­nitely not.

Stock trans­port trucks are not al­lowed to just dump their waste at will.

So why should boat­ies? Fin Forbes CAN­NON­VALE

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