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NOT only does mulch make your gar­den thrive in ap­pear­ance but its nu­tri­ents and evap­o­ra­tion has it danc­ing on the in­side.

Ac­cord­ing to Plants Whit­sun­day manager Matt Stokes, a nice thick layer of mulch re­duces evap­o­ra­tion of mois­ture from the soil.

This means you need to wa­ter your gar­den less and the plants don’t get ex­posed to soil dry­ing out.

He also en­cour­ages green thumbs to ap­ply the cor­rect depth of mulch which min­imises weed growth and ul­ti­mately saves time poi­son­ing and im­proves the health of plants.

“Be care­ful though as some of the re­ally cheap mulches can ac­tu­ally con­tain a lot of weeds and dirt,” he said.

“As mulch breaks down it also adds valu­able or­ganic ma­te­rial and nu­tri­ents to the soil.”

He rec­om­mends ap­ply­ing mulch at least 10cm deep.

The thicker you ap­ply it, the bet­ter the benefits and the longer the time be­fore you have to reap­ply.

To cal­cu­late how much you will need, first work out the area of the gar­den. E.g. length x width = m2 then mul­ti­ply your area by 0.1.

This will tell you how many cu­bic me­ters of mulch you will re­quire e.g. 3m x 8m x 0.1 = 2.4m3 re­quired.

If you have awk­ward shapes, divide them up into smaller shapes then add them back to­gether at the end.

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