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■ Keep mulch away from touch­ing the stem of the plant. (It can cause the stem to rot and the plant to die). ■ Us­ing a drip tube un­der the mulch to ir­ri­gate your gar­den also dras­ti­cally in­creases how long your mulch will last. The more the mulch gets wet, the faster it rots, so wa­ter­ing un­der the mulch keeps it dry and lasts for a long time. ■ You can use a pebble or dec­o­ra­tive stone to mulch your gar­den. Avoid pebble mulch in ar­eas sub­ject to leaf drop and re­mem­ber to fer­tilise reg­u­larly. If us­ing a weed mat, choose a por­ous type that al­lows wa­ter to get through.

Mr Stokes said that as a rule of thumb, the price of mulch is pro­por­tional to the time it lasts.

“The cheap­est mulches like hay bales or cane trash may only last two to three months be­fore com­pletely dis­ap­pear­ing,” he said.

“Whereas the more pre­mium mulches like hard­wood or pine bark will last up to two years. So put a price on the time it takes to reap­ply be­fore you choose your mulch.”

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