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HARDLY a week goes by with­out our MP Ge­orge Chris­tensen go­ing off like a ro­man can­dle about "ex­treme greens" be­ing a threat to jobs in the coal in­dus­try.

Iron­i­cally, it is the coal in­dus­try it­self that is a threat to all of us, in­clud­ing it's present work­force; as the world­wide data and over­whelm­ing in­de­pen­dent science con­firms we are pol­lut­ing and heat­ing up our oceans and at­mos­phere in an un­de­ni­ably de­struc­tive fash­ion.

Last Oc­to­ber the CSIRO in Mel­bourne, in con­junc­tion with the Lawrence Liver­more Na­tional Lab­o­ra­tory in Cal­i­for­nia, dis­cov­ered that the South­ern Ocean is heat­ing up at more than twice the rate that was in­ferred from ear­lier mea­sure­ments. Sur­prise, sur­prise. More cy­clones and more in­tense cy­clones are the re­sult.

The peo­ple of Van­u­atu and other coastal ar­eas are be­gin­ning to rec­og­nize that the true "ecoter­ror­ists" are the pro­mot­ers and busi­ness in­ter­ests ben­e­fit­ing from the coal in­dus­try. Be­yond Zero Emis­sions demon­strated five years ago that we don't need any coal for base load power, as th­ese de­mands could be met by off-the-shelf so­lar ther­mal, pho­to­voltaics, wind, and ti­dal power al­ter­na­tives all pro­vid­ing health­ier, longer term jobs in sun­rise in­dus­tries. When are our polit- icians go­ing to wake up to the need to help us move to a truly more sus­tain­able en­ergy fu­ture? If we wait for the ice sheets over Green­land or in Antarc­tica to melt be­fore we ac­cept this ob­vi­ous threat, it will be too late. The sea level will rise over seven me­tres, and "civ­i­liza­tion" as we know it will be ir­re­vo­ca­bly lost. You may laugh, but that is the di­rec­tion your de­nial of Cli­mate Science and con­tin­ued sup­port of an out-dated, de­struc­tive in­dus­try is tak­ing us.

Jonathan Peter AIR­LIE BEACH

drum’ hard enough, we could have had this sig­nif­i­cant com­mu­nity con­cern ad­dressed and this par­tic­u­lar boat ramp could have been up­graded.

While the La­bor Palaszczuk gov­ern­ment gets on with the job and up­grades this nec­es­sary piece of in­fra­struc­ture, we watch our rep­re­sen­ta­tive blame ev­ery­one but him­self.

Bron­wyn Taha MIDGE POINT

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