Zinc tests avail­able at Am­cal Can­non­vale

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KEEP­ING cold and flu bugs at bay can be a big chal­lenge at this time of year as they are ev­ery­where.

It seems that un­less we stay at home and avoid see­ing peo­ple, then we re­ally can’t avoid the bugs.

Natur­opath June Gob­bos, based at Am­cal Phar­macy in Can­non­vale, has a sim­ple so­lu­tion.

“Keep­ing our im­mune sys­tem in tip-top shape will not only lessen the chances that we get sick but it will also al­low our bod­ies to heal a lot faster and there­fore re­cov­ery time is less­ened,” she said.

Zinc is an im­por­tant min­eral for a healthy func­tion­ing of the cells nec­es­sary for nor­mal im­mune func­tion, par­tic­u­larly the T lym­pho­cytes which re­quire zinc for nu­mer­ous pro­cesses.

Am­cal Phar­macy per­forms a zinc sta­tus test.

This in­volves no blood tak­ing and you can get the re­sults in just 10 min­utes.

“How good is that,” Ms Gob­bos added.

She said an es­ti­mated 45 per cent of males and about 75 per cent of fe­males were zinc de­fi­cient.

“So if you are not sure, come on in to Am­cal.”

Am­cal Phar­macy also has sev­eral im­mune-boost­ing for­mu­las such as Im­mune De­fence, As­tra­galus 8 and Ki that con­tain im­mune-boost­ing herbal medicines, plus im­mune-boost­ing vi­ta­mins such as vi­ta­min C and min­er­als such as zinc.

And if you’re not sure if it’s a cold or flu then they have the prod­ucts that nip it in the bud be­fore the symptoms de­velop.

Ori­en­tal Botan­i­cals has a prod­uct called Vi­raForce which is a com­bi­na­tion of herbal medicines, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als and is per­fect for stop­ping colds and flus in their tracks. Ms Gob­bos also rec­om­mended Ex­tra C Zin­gles which are a com­bi­na­tion of chew­able buffered vi­ta­min C and zinc that taste like or­ange-flavoured Fruit Tin­gles but are sugar free so are per­fect for chil­dren or the young at heart. Ms Gob­bos pro­motes the benefits of nat­u­ral medicine.

“Re­search sug­gests that it takes four years for our bow­els to re­cover af­ter a dose of an­tibi­otics so it makes sense to use other ef­fec­tive meth­ods of re­cov­ery and to leave the an­tibi­otic big guns for when it is life threat­en­ing,” she said.

For your zinc test or to sam- ple an Ex­tra C Zin­gle drop in to see the team at the Am­cal Phar­macy in Whit­sun­day Plaza.

KEEP­ING HEALTHY: Whit­sun­day Plaza’s Am­cal Phar­macy natur­opath June Gob­bos gives Katie Moore a zinc test. Ms Moore ex­pe­ri­enced a foul aftertaste which means her zinc lev­els are in­tact. Photo: Char­lotte Lam

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