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WHAT sac­ri­lege is this? The pro­posal of cut­ting down co­conut trees in the Whit­sun­day shire is akin to killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Let’s get over the scary bit for a start. The chance of get­ting killed by a fall­ing co­conut would be on a par with get­ting struck by light­ning.

Co­conut palms, like ev­ery other tree, drop their fruit when its ripe and rarely drop green fruit.

It takes a tremen­dous wind like a cy­clone to shake down green nuts and any­body sit­ting un­der one, or for that mat­ter any tree in a cy­clone, is a bit of a nut­ter for a start.

We have signs warn­ing of crocodiles in our Proser­pine River; a very po­ten­tial dan­ger in­deed. So, why not have signs of po­ten­tial fall­ing nuts, or per­haps, let us say, we kill all the crocodiles?

Fur­ther north, there have been sev­eral fa­tal at­tacks by crocodiles, but never have I heard of an in­jury, let alone a death by a fall­ing co­conut. So much for the scare tac­tics. The good peo­ple of Bowen solved the prob­lem long ago by putting nets around the trunks of the palms where peo­ple con­gre­gated in large num­bers, just as a pre­cau­tion.

Such could well be done at Air­lie Beach but so much for that. Let’s look on the pos­i­tive side. There is no other palm or tree

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