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No one is talk­ing about all the empty shops and units we al­ready have ...

– Pe­ter Craig

SOME years ago, my son-in­law at the time, was em­ployed by the Syd­ney Morn­ing Her­ald.

He was sent to one of the sub­urbs that sur­round Mas­cot to cover a demon­stra­tion against air­craft noise.

Upon ar­riv­ing he saw a hand­ful of demon­stra­tors and a much larger num­ber of po­lice.

He called the editor to re­port the sit­u­a­tion, say­ing: “The demon­stra­tion is a non-event, about the only ac­tiv­ity here is an old lady, who in avoid­ing the demon­stra­tion, stepped from the curb and lost her foot­ing.”

My son-in-law didn’t for a mo­ment think he would make it into print that day.

How­ever upon read­ing his so called “re­port” he dis­cov­ered that the editor had a dif­fer­ent agenda.

“El­derly lady knocked to the ground by demon­stra­tors who are against the present air­craft noise and flight­path pol­icy. Po­lice had to in­ter­ven as the crowd be­came vi­o­lent” (it said).

My son-in-law has in­tegrity. He re­signed from the SMH.

What was pho­tographed in last week’s Whit­sun­day Times was clearly an ef­fort to dis­credit and sen­sa­tion­alise an oth­er­wise or­di­nary event.

I am sure the mayor and Mr Wang would have hap­pily posed for a pho­to­graph if asked.

But this did not align with the tone the Whit­sun­day Times was try­ing to por­tray ie there is some­thing un­der­hand oc­cur­ring here.

Was the photo in ques­tion pho­to­shopped or did our in­trepid reporter, use a pen cam­era, maybe a but­ton cam­era, or maybe (like) 007 he used good old mi­cro­film.

My ques­tion to the editor is when will in­tegrity in jour­nal­ism re­turn to the Whit­sun­day Times? Maybe af­ter the next elec­tion.

JOHN HILL Shute­haven

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