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1 Which Chi­nese mas­ter vil­lain was cre­ated by Sax Rohmer in 1912? (2,6) 7 Yoko Ono was born in 1933. Where? (5) 8 What bluish-green de­posit forms on ex­posed cop­per and brass? (9) 9 What does a squid squirt when pur­sued? (3) 10 What is a fat and flour mix­ture used as a base for sauces? (4) 11 In which city is the spec­tac­u­lar Kaiser Wil­helm Me­mo­rial church? (6) 13 Ge­orge Town is the cap­i­tal of which is­lands, a Bri­tish de­pen­dency in the Caribbean? (6)

14 The huge bright beak of which bird of trop­i­cal Amer­ica can be up to half the length of the bird’s body? (6) 17 Which desert is the world’s largest? (6) 18 Car­nauba wax comes from what type of plant? (4) 20 What is a line of stitches in knit­ting? (3) 22 Which heart drug is ex­tracted from fox­gloves? (9) 23 What are chil­dren of­ten called on le­gal doc­u­ments? (5)

24 What is a pat­tern of let­ters or a rhyme to aid the mem­ory? (8) DOWN 1 What was Peggy Lee’s big hit of 1958? (5) 2 What is also known as quick­sil­ver? (7) 3 What word can pre­cede gun, brush and pol­ish? (4) 4 What is Clint East­wood al­ler­gic to? (6) 5 What is a flock of fly­ing geese or swans, typ­i­cally in a V- shaped for­ma­tion? (5)

6 Whose (Cather­ine _____) novel Kate Han­ni­gal’s Girl was pub­lished posthu­mously? (7)

7 Who, in 1939, wrote Old Pos­sum’s Book of Prac­ti­cal Cats? (1,1,5) 12 What is stiff un­tanned leather called? (7)

13/15 Which ac­tor anony­mously en­tered a con­test in Monaco to find his looka­like, and came third? (7,7)

16 What crea­ture is like a fab­u­lous winged croc­o­dile with a ser­pent’s tail? (6) 17 The 4634 me­tre Du­four Peak is in which alps? (5) 19 “All ____ is folk ____, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” (5) (Louis Arm­strong)

21 What is the sup­port be­tween the base and the bowl of a wine­glass? (4)

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