Black mar­lin bagged on reefs

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Trolling the fring­ing reefs has seen a couple of black mar­lin picked up.

Mack­erel have been taken while jig­ging. Drop the jig down and re­trieve it as quickly as pos­si­ble so it looks like a fish es­cap­ing that ball of bait.

There have been some very nice trout around the is­lands, along with fin­ger­mark.

Around the points there has been some big gi­ant trevally.

The shoals have been fish­ing okay at night, but try­ing to get away from the sharks is the big prob­lem this time of year.

In Shute Har­bour, the jetty has been get­ting some mon­ster gi­ant trevally early in the morn­ing and late in the evening.

The jetty has also seen some nice queen­fish landed.


The Whit­sun­day Sail­ing Club rock­wall has been pro­duc­ing well for man­grove jack and fin­ger­mark on dusk.

Try us­ing live her­ring for the best re­sults.

– Bob Spees, Whit­sun­day Fish­ing World


The tides are start­ing to drop back with the quar­ter moon pe­riod, so the Proser­pine River should start to fish well as the wa­ter clears.

And again, with the bar­ra­mundi out of bounds, the thread­ies and grunter are the best fish to look for at the mo­ment.

There’s the odd crab run­ning around, but the crab­bing will prob­a­bly im­prove once we get a bit of sub­stan­tial rain.


The moon is start­ing to build a lit­tle now, so the fish­ing should start to im­prove.

It’s been a lit­tle bit tough in the past few days.

It’s not un­com­mon this time of year, be­fore we get a rain event and cer­tainly in this build-up sea­son, to go through spells where the fish are a lit- tle bit slower.

Cer­tainly as we build to­wards the full moon, the fish­ing should im­prove.

Work­ing the weed edges of the main basin, look­ing for schools and fish­ing the deeper ar­eas are the best ways to tar­get them at the mo­ment.


Big tides in the past week, re­lated to the new moon, make for good reef fish­ing if you can find ar­eas with­out too much run.

Some qual­ity pelag­ics such as tuna, Span­ish mack­erel and co­bia have also been taken.

Th­ese fish like the big tide move­ment, so fish­ing the pres­sure points of the reef is the best way to start look­ing.

Gi­ant trevally have also been on the hunt, which is good for sport fish­er­man.

Smaller tides this com­ing week­end are per­fect for drift­ing the deeper shoals for red em­peror and nan­ny­gai.

– Ash Matthews, Sea Fever Sport­fish­ing

CAP­TAIN'S CATCH: Rene­gade Fish­ing Char­ters skip­per Luke Grif­fiths with a solid red em­peror.

BIG GI­ANT: Paul Mo­ran caught and re­leased this im­pres­sive gi­ant trevally at the reef with Sea Fever Sport­fish­ing.

FISH FEAST: PE tackle's Sean Munro reeled in this rip­per nan­ny­gai at the reef with Rene­gade Fish­ing Char­ters.

CO­BIA KING: Shaun Smith caught this solid co­bia at the reef on Sun­day with Sea Fever.

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