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I READ the let­ters to the ed­i­tor ev­ery week and, I am sure like most read­ers, laugh and scoff at the non­sense peo­ple write about. I’m go­ing to have a lit­tle rant. One thing that this town is par­tic­u­larly bad for is the num­ber of peo­ple who bag coun­cil and de­vel­op­ers just for some­thing to do.

Take, for ex­am­ple, the let­ter re­gard­ing graf­fiti on the Chi­na­town fence. Alan Bev­er­stock says “it is an in­dict­ment on the way things are run by this coun­cil”. How does a lone graf­fiti van­dal make it coun­cil’s fault? If you look around here, the amount of graf­fiti is min­i­mal com­pared to other towns and the coun­cil does a good job clean­ing it off pub­lic ar­eas like the skate park.

I cer­tainly don’t think that a fence that cost $150,000 is a cheaply con­structed fence Alan. Most de­vel­op­ers would put mesh wire and some ban­ners that blow over in the first 25-knot wind. There are plans for the fence so let’s not jump to con­clu­sions.

I was sur­prised to read Den­nis Mun­dle’s let­ter and the sug­ges­tion to pur­chase the 10 acres next to the Ter­races and build a ho­tel. Once again peo­ple are making as­sump­tions that you can build on the side of a hill and make it vi­able af­ter spend­ing $10 mil­lion­plus on the pur­chase. It’s un­likely to hap­pen un­less you have very big kahu­nas and are pre­pared to roll the dice.

As far as I am aware the new town plan has been on the radar for many years and has noth­ing to do with the Chi­nese com­ing to town. An­other as­sump­tion.

It seems like the coun­cil­lors who were in favour of the heights are now chang­ing their mind. My guess is peo­ple have sug­gested they will or won’t get votes at the 2016 elec­tion. It’s a pity that the fu­ture of Air­lie Beach will be very slow and like a re­tire­ment vil­lage, which some peo­ple want.

I do won­der what the feel­ing around town would be if the peo­ple who wanted busi­ness and growth in Air­lie wrote as many let­ters to the ed­i­tor as the peo­ple against it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not for 12 storeys in Air­lie. I don’t think many peo­ple are. But to keep it at four storeys, as some coun­cil­lors are now pos­si­bly go­ing to agree to, will stunt the fu­ture of Air­lie Beach for years.

Well done to coun­cil on the progress of the air­port. This is the sin­gle big­gest pos­i­tive for the re­gion for many, many years. I am not sure what Brian Mag­ill from Bowen is talk­ing about, suggest­ing the air­port will only be ben­e­fi­cial to Air­lie Beach busi­ness own­ers, de­vel­op­ers and is­land re­sorts. What the? Have you not heard about the ex­port­ing ben­e­fits Bowen will enjoy from seafood and fruit and veg­eta­bles, Brian? I am sure a lot of Bowen res­i­dents would love to fly over­seas from Proser­pine.

I have not spo­ken to one sin­gle per­son who can­not see the ben­e­fit of the air­port to the re­gion. Not sure what is go­ing on around there in Bowen, Brian, but it’s very ob­vi­ous to me that the whole re­gion will ben­e­fit. Per­haps this is an­other at­tempt to dis­credit the cur­rent coun­cil so you can get a Bowen mayor.

I don’t know about any­one else, but I am sick to death of the Air­lie v Bowen bull**** that comes around th­ese days. It’s worse than the Lib­er­als v La­bor. Pa­thetic, really, how petty ev­ery­one has be­come th­ese days. Un­for­tu­nately the elec­tion and town plan has co­in­cided to­gether.

Now be­fore we get the “you are only say­ing this be­cause you are a real es­tate agent and lin­ing your pock­ets” non­sense re­gard­ing de­vel­op­ment in the town, ev­ery­one will ben­e­fit from the air­port and de­vel­op­ment in the area.

One fi­nal com­ment please...I can’t be­lieve the amount of whingers in the pa­per com­plain­ing about how much the coun­cil­lors and mayor get paid. Se­ri­ously, any­one half good enough wouldn’t put up with the 24/7 non­sense that th­ese guys do. My sug­ges­tion is to pay the mayor $300,000-plus a year, coun­cil­lors $150,000 and you watch the suc­cess­ful busi­ness­peo­ple line up for the next elec­tion. Mark Beale Can­non­vale

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