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RO­GIN Tay­lor has re­peat­edly used th­ese pages and other av­enues to mis­in­form the com­mu­nity with in­cor­rect in­for­ma­tion on a num­ber of key is­sues, such as the air­port ex­pan­sion.

Why on earth he would be so against its de­vel­op­ment when he says he’s pro the Whit­sun­days go­ing ahead is be­yond me. But that’s the point. Ro­gin seems to con­ve­niently for­get his ac­tions in his term of coun­cil, such as vot­ing in favour of buy­ing Haven­grand to build a sports park, even when the com­mu­nity clearly stated they did not want one on that spot, and coun­cil paid way over the odds at $2.2 mil­lion.

When Ro­gin Tay­lor was on coun­cil last time, he used his vote as deputy mayor to sup­port Mayor Brunker on many is­sues not in the best in­ter­ests of his con­stituents.

Peo­ple of Proser­pine should think very care­fully when vot­ing in this coun­cil elec­tion.

If Ro­gin wins Proser­pine, Brunker wins Collinsville and Peter Ra­m­age re­tains Divi­sion 4 (no one is con­test­ing Dave Clark in Bowen), then it will be the same “old” Coun­cil of 2008 – 2012, when a dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount of ratepay­ers’ money was ques­tion­ably spent in the north of the shire. It will be four votes at the “top end” and only two – Air­lie Beach and Can­non­vale – pro­tect­ing the in­ter­ests of the south­ern part of the shire.

Oh, and if An­drew Will­cox is elected mayor, he will join Brunker's team.

I know ev­ery­one is talk­ing about unity and say­ing they have the in­ter­ests of the whole shire at heart but I feel the coun­cil­lors men­tioned did not act in the best in­ter­ests of the south­ern part of the shire when they sat on the 2008-2012 coun­cil.

We need to put some­one in that cares about Proser­pine and not some­one who is go­ing to ‘toady’ to Brunker, Ra­m­age and Clark like he did last time. An­thony Moscato Air­lie Beach

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