Warm colours mark au­tumn


AU­TUMN means warm and vi­brant colours.

Burnt or­ange, in­tense brown and golden hues take over the land­scape as the sea­son sweeps through.

Get into the spirit of things by us­ing au­tum­nal colours in your make-up.

Smokey eyes

Give your eyes an in­tense edge by cre­at­ing a smokey ef­fect with eye shadow, mascara and liner.

Start off by ap­ply­ing a creamy con­cealer over your eye­lids. This will pro­vide a smooth base for your eye make-up.

Next, ap­ply a pressed pow­der in a neu­tral shade over the eye­lids – this also adds to the base for your eye make-up and will re­duce creases and lines as the day pro­gresses.

De­fine your eye­lids with an eye­liner of your choice, start­ing with the top lid, from the in­ner cor­ner to the outer cor­ner. For a more dra­matic ef­fect, do the same for your lower lid.

Next, sweep some eye shadow across your eye­lids. Use a light colour, such as a soft gold. Next, ap­ply a slightly darker shade of eye shadow to your eye­lids, blend­ing it with the lighter colour. Start from about half­way up your eye­lid so as not to lose the light colour un­der­neath.

For the full smokey eyes ef­fect, sweep a darker colour from the outer cor­ners of your eyes to the crease and blend so the colour change looks more grad­ual and nat­u­ral.

To re­ally turn up the heat, ap­ply a lit­tle of the dark­est eyeshadow to your lower eye­lids, near to the lash line.

Fin­ish your eyes with jet black mascara on top and bot­tom lashes.

Berry kissable lips

Berry coloured lips are a must for au­tumn. Re­gard­less of your skin tone, there is a berry shade out there sure to com­plete your make-up for the sea­son.

Fair skin matches well with lip­stick that has a blue un­der­tone – think plum and wine red. Olive skin is the per­fect match for dark berry shades and deep brown reds. Darker skin tones look gor­geous with ma­hogany, deep plum and brown lip­stick.

To en­sure your lips look their kissable best, start off with a gen­tle lip scrub to get rid of any dry and flaky skin.

Ap­ply a hy­drat­ing lip balm fol­lowed by some foun­da­tion or con­cealer to pro­vide a base for your lip­stick to stick to. To pre­vent the lip­stick from bleed­ing on to the skin around your mouth, ap­ply a lip liner around the edge. Next, ap­ply your lip­stick and cre­ate a dewy look with a lit­tle clear lip gloss ap­plied to the cen­tre of your lips.


SUL­TRY SHADES: Smokey eyes and berry lips are au­tumn beauty trends.


Be in­spired by the colours of au­tumn when ap­ply­ing make-up.

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