Coral or coal

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MANY politi­cians and some com­men­ta­tors have been very bor­ing of late in their fail­ure to recog­nise what over­whelm­ing ev­i­dence tells us.

That is that the over­rid­ing dan­ger to the reef is global warm­ing, which is lead­ing to an in­crease in tem­per­a­ture and acid­ity; con­di­tions which make it very dif­fi­cult for our beloved reef to sur­vive.

We know that global warm­ing is caused by burn­ing fos­sil fu­els, which in­creases car­bon in the at­mos­phere. This is ex­pected to reach 400 parts per mil­lion for the first time in the next few days.

“Ex­treme Greens” are there­fore most con­cerned to cam­paign against the min­ing and burn­ing of coal and so the very idea of the Adani project is an anath­ema to them.

Green groups are pro­vid­ing a very im­por­tant bal­ance in the po­lit­i­cal spec­trum to coun­ter­act the lob­by­ing of the rich and heav­ily sub­sidised fos­sil fuel com­pa­nies.

The main and oft re­peated ar­gu­ment trot­ted out to jus­tify min­ing projects is job pro­vi­sion so it is in­ter­est­ing to dis­cover that re­new­able en­ergy projects are pro­vid­ing many jobs the world over.

Since the gov­ern­ment dras­ti­cally re­duced fund­ing for sev­eral agen­cies set up to en­cour­age re­new­ables some 2000 jobs have been lost in this sec­tor in Aus­tralia. Com­pare that with the two mil­lion new jobs cre­ated in re­new­able en­ergy pro­duc­tion world­wide in the same pe­riod. Let’s not be bor­ing any more. Peter Har­ling Proser­pine

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