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1 Which South Amer­i­can snake is the world’s heav­i­est? (8) 7 Vic­tor Em­manuel II headed which new king­dom in 1861? (5) 8 What syn­drome is of­ten char­ac­terised by the com­pul­sive ut­ter­ance of ob­scen­i­ties? (9) 9 What tree be­longs to the genus Ul­mus? (3) 10 A jazz os­ti­nato is more com­monly called a what? (4) 11 What bur­row­ing Amer­i­can ro­dent is also called a ground squir­rel? (6) 13 Where is the Bran­den­burg Gate? (6) 14 What spice has been used to treat fever, asthma and heart dis­ease? (6) 17 Opera singer Dame Joan Suther­land was born in which city? (6) 18 “As­ter­isk” is de­rived from a Greek word for a small what? (4) 20 What is an adult fe­male guinea pig? (3) 22 On what day of the week was Solomon Grundy mar­ried? (9) 23 The in­ven­tion in 1954 of what wa­ter-ab­sorbent foam rev­o­lu­tionised the flo­ral in­dus­try? (5) 24 What is Amer­i­can foot­ball also called? (8)


1 What is a thes­pian? (5) 2 What is an un­der­ground layer yield­ing wa­ter for wells? (7) 3 What is a se­ries of six bowled balls in cricket? (4) 4 What type of com­pany con­ducts its busi­ness pri­mar­ily on the In­ter­net? (3-3)

5 What at­tains its max­i­mum den­sity at a tem­per­a­ture of 4°C? (5)

6 Which was the first US state to give women the vote? (5)

7 What is a nar­row strip of land con­nect­ing two larger ar­eas? (7) 12 In ar­chi­tec­ture, what does fen­es­tra­tion con­cern? (7) 13 In which English city was ac­tor Cary Grant born? (7)

15 In 1996, Christina Sanchez be­came Eu­rope’s first pro­fes­sional woman what? (7)

16 What im­ple­ment spreads new-mown hay to dry? (6) 17 What na­tion­al­ity was Wil­liam Tell? (5) 19 What ar­ti­fi­cial tex­tile was un­veiled at the Paris Ex­hi­bi­tion, 1889? (5)

21 The ox­ide of what metal is used in mak­ing crys­tal glass? (4)

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