Lessons in for­give­ness abound

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HOW many of us face prob­lems or chal­lenges each week or even each day?

What about when those prob­lems come in the form of other peo­ple? How do you deal with it? In the Bi­ble we read about Je­sus’ dis­ci­ples who wanted to call down fire from heaven to deal with a chal­lenge they had with the peo­ple of a vil­lage not wel­com­ing Je­sus.

Imag­ine if that was the way we as hu­mans had the power to deal with other peo­ple and the trou­ble they of­ten caused.

But what if you were that per­son whom was be­ing judged and some­one thought you were the chal­lenge that they wanted to burn you with fire from heaven?

That would be it. How many of us could sur­vive this life if it were up to oth­ers to have the power to de­stroy us?

Je­sus was with­out sin and yet he died on the cross for the sins of all peo­ple.

He could have called down fire on us all and yet he chose to of­fer us hope and love and peace.

He gave us a sec­ond chance and more.

He keeps giv­ing us chances too be­cause of his love. He for­gives you and me. So now in­stead of wish­ing some­one were dead when they an­noy you or hurt you, for­give them be­cause Je­sus for­gave you first.

May God bless you. Pas­tor Mark Gierus Mackay Com­mu­nity Lutheran Church

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