Six sim­ple hacks to make mov­ing eas­ier


MANY of us put off mov­ing house be­cause we can’t face the idea of pack­ing and un­pack­ing.

A re­cent sur­vey from one of the ma­jor list­ings por­tals re­vealed that 61 per cent of home own­ers feel mov­ing house is more stress­ful than get­ting a di­vorce. But some sim­ple hacks to help you re­lo­cate will cut down on the stress and im­prove the ex­pe­ri­ence, al­though it’s un­likely to turn it into a pleas­ant task!

Get started early: A big part of the prob­lem is that the re­moval­ists are ar­riv­ing to­mor­row and you haven’t started pack­ing yet. As soon as you know the move is hap­pen­ing, start pack­ing. Get the boxes and im­me­di­ately start pack­ing away all non-es­sen­tials.

Sheets are great for frag­iles: Ev­ery­body owns a few sets of tea tow­els, bed sheets, tow­els, face wash­ers, hand tow­els and bath­mats. Use them to pack your crock­ery and glassware! It’s cheaper than bub­ble wrap and it means you don’t have to use an­other box to pack that linen in!

Move in cooler months: Sum­mer is bru­tal in Queens­land and it’s a hot and sweaty job when you’re lift­ing boxes and heavy fur­ni­ture into a mov­ing van. It’s also un­pleas­ant to be scrub­bing bath­rooms when it’s 35 de­grees out­side. Try to move in cooler months – win­ter is great, al­though it gets darker ear­lier. Spring and au­tumn are a happy medium.

Zip lock bags: Stock up on zip lock bags of all sizes. Aldi sells them re­ally cheaply in four dif­fer­ent sizes. These are per­fect for things like jew­ellery (ear­rings and rings are small and don’t get lost in a zip lock bag) and also sham­poo bot­tles and per­fume bot­tles.

Util­i­ties: Make a list of all of your util­i­ties ser­vice providers, ac­count num­bers and provider phone num­bers and then make it a pri­or­ity to make at least one or two calls a day for a week or two. Or bet­ter yet, con­tact a com­pany like Direc­tCon­ who will take care of the whole has­sle for you. Your real es­tate agent will also be able to put you in touch with Di­rect Con­nect. They’ll or­gan­ise to have your in­ter­net, Fox­tel, gas, elec­tric­ity, and phone ser­vices re­con­nected as well as have all your mail redi­rected – for free.

Clear la­belling sys­tem: It’s pos­si­ble to use five to 10 boxes just on one bed­room, so you need a clear la­belling sys­tem. Put all es­sen­tials in one box, such as your py­ja­mas, sheets for the bed that first night, bed­side clock, phone charger – any­thing that you use on a daily ba­sis from your bed­room. And then mark that box with “Mas­ter bed­room – box 1”. The box marked #1 for each room is the first one un­packed and should con­tain all the es­sen­tials.

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