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7 How many Wim­ble­don ti­tles did Billy Jean King win? (6) 8 French “cherry” gave us what colour? (6) 10 What is a tem­po­rary camp, espe­cially one used by sol­diers or moun­taineers? (7) 11 Which old Bri­tish coin was worth four pen­nies? (5) 12 What type of fish does a Japanese unagi-ya restau­rant spe­cialise in? (4) 13 What is the iden­ti­fy­ing out­fit worn by a sports team while play­ing? (5) 17 In bil­liards, what is the space be­tween the line across the table and the bot­tom cush­ion? (5) 18 What is the cap­i­tal of Van­u­atu? (4) 22 What cream-coloured sub­stance was once used to make sewing nee­dles? (5) 23 Which Pa­cific is­land, mapped by Cap­tain Cook in 1774, was oc­cu­pied from 1788 to 1814 as a pe­nal colony? (6) 24 What myth­i­cal am­phibi­ous mon­ster is said to in­habit swamps and la­goons in Aus­tralia? (6) 25 Which Euro­pean space probe pho­tographed the nu­cleus of Hal­ley’s Comet in 1986? (6)


1 The fifth of the Twelve Labours of Her­cules was to clean King Augeas’s what? (7) 2 What small bee­tles are a com­mon pest of stored food­stuffs? (7) 3 What is a basin for holy wa­ter in a church? (5) 4 Which aquatic bird, with 18 species, is con­fined to the South­ern Hemi­sphere? (7) 5 Adopted from a French word, what is a small and el­e­gant jewel or trin­ket? (5) 6 What unit of fre­quency is equal to one cy­cle per se­cond? (5) 9 Which gas pow­ered head­lamps in early mo­tor ve­hi­cles? (9) 14 The male of which large bush cricket, na­tive to North Amer­ica, makes a sound that re­sem­bles its name? (7) 15 What soft white Ital­ian cheese is used in lasagne? (7) 16 What is the state cap­i­tal of Mis­sis­sippi? (7) 19 What acro­nym ap­plies to one not want­ing un­pleas­ant de­vel­op­ments lo­cally? (5) 20 A hum­mel cow lacks what? (5) 21 What dec­o­ra­tive trim­ming is wo­ven from threads? (5)

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