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Stand­ing tall

SHE paid us a visit on March 28, 2017

With vi­o­lent am­bi­tion and proof she was mean

She breached our wa­ters to ap­proach our land

Spew­ing tan­gled de­bris all over our sand

Pil­ing our boats on walls made of rock

Twisted and bro­ken from hor­ren­dous shock

They named her Deb­bie with cy­clonic in­tent

Came howl­ing upon us and wouldn’t re­lent

Shat­ter­ing our win­dows and rip­ping our rooves

While rain­ing with anger like thun­der­ing hooves

Split­ting our trees to frac­ture our walls

With no-one hear­ing life threat­en­ing calls

She flooded our homes and punc­tured our trade

No vis­i­ble sign, a ghost town she made

She scared young minds and closed their schools

So how do we fight mother na­ture’s tools

As she blocked off our roads with wa­ter so high

Then stopped for a mo­ment to gaze with her eye

Not dam­aged enough so she mus­tered some more

While all our peo­ple lay close to the floor

Now, not just the young would see the sign

As all beat­ing hearts were pray­ing for time

When the power of Deb­bie in­creased for hours

Up­root­ing our pave­ment and wreck­ing our tow­ers

She crip­pled our power then stole our wa­ter

Hell bent with a need to flat­ten our bor­der

A men­ac­ing force had jailed us here

To weaken our minds and quiver in fear

She left the next day and let us go

To start again from our ground zero

Though down we are but beaten we’re not

She missed our prayer our lives we’ve got

As she blew and she spat for trau­matic length

She could not de­feat our spirit or strength

So when skies of blue re­turn our way

Our young we’ll send to learn and play

The rest will re­build new lives for all

To show all the Deb­bies we’re stand­ing tall

More to come?

WE ARE all re­cov­er­ing from the im­pact of Cy­clone Deb­bie, which has dev­as­tated many.

Very high sea tem­per­a­tures, a di­rect re­sult of global warm­ing, fed this gi­gan­tic storm with ex­treme mois­ture and is a dra­matic demon­stra­tion of global warm­ing that we con­tinue to ig­nore to our peril.

Global warm­ing mod­el­ling pre­dicts fewer, but much larger cy­clones, and it may be that we have just experienced the first of these new megas­torms. — Jonathan Peter

Some main­stream politi­cians have said this isn’t the time to bring up this “po­lit­i­cal” is­sue, in the mid­dle of an ex­pen­sive and trau­matic clean up, which is ab­surd.

Global warm­ing mod­el­ling pre­dicts fewer, but much larger cy­clones, and it may be that we have just experienced the first of these new megas­torms.

Com­bine this with the sec­ond ma­jor bleach­ing of the GBR in two years and these two events are a di­rect threat to our tourist in­dus­try, which is far more im­por­tant to the Aus­tralian labour econ­omy than largely au­to­mated, an­ti­quated coal mines.

The is­sue is much larger than the in­ap­pro­pri­ate­ness of the Adani con­glom­er­ate; which has a shady Cay­man is­lands fi­nan­cial struc­ture, a nasty en­vi­ron­men­tal record in both In­dia and Africa, is get­ting Aus­tralian wa­ter rights for free, and has just pol­luted the Cal­ley Val­ley wet­lands at Ab­bot Point.

It is time to rapidly sup­port re­new­ables and stop coal min­ing be­fore it is too late.

Ig­nore the mes­sage of cy­clone Deb­bie, and we will surely have more of them.

On we go.

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